Priyanka Chopra and an Atomic Wing-eating Contest on Jimmy Fallon!

a selection of wings from atomic wings
Wed Jul 25 2018 02:10:38 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Nothing inspires competition quite like a chicken wing-eating contest.

It’s a staggering challenge that requires more strength of will than Miss India and Miss World combined — and Priyanka Chopra would know. The Quantico star previously won both, and she continued her red-hot streak during her appearance on The Tonight Show Thursday.

Facing off against host Jimmy Fallon, Chopra demolished a plate of Atomic Wings as Fallon, weakling that he is, faltered under the heat of the chain’s signature “nuclear” sauce.

“I couldn’t even do one,” Fallon admitted following his defeat. “I got a big, a big chunky one. My first wing was a big wing — I couldn’t.”

Meanwhile, Chopra wasn’t having it. “Excuses, excuses,” she teased in between gasps for air.