Why House-Made Dipping Sauce is Superior

house made dipping sauces for wings, ranch, bleu cheese, awesome aioli.
November 9, 2023

At Atomic Wings, we believe that a great sauce can take any meal from good to great. That's why we're so passionate about our house-made dipping sauces. 

We prepare this sauce with love, with every dip promising a flavor that can only come from the freshest, quality ingredients. So when choosing your sauce, remember that homemade is the best choice for that extra special taste.

Here's why we think house-made dips are the only way to go when it's time to get saucy:

1. Flavor that stands out

You know how a great drink goes with a good meal? Quality house-made dipping sauces work like that with chicken or buffalo wings. They bring out the best in each wing, enhancing the flavor with every dip.

These sauces are made fresh with the freshest ingredients, often chopped, mixed, and simmered the same day they are served. This means that every time you dip your wing, you get a fresh flavor you won't find with the usual store-bought sauces—no preservatives and artificial flavors!

And because these sauces are made in small batches, each sauce tastes a little different every time. This makes your meal truly special!

2. Flavors just for you

When making sauces, chefs can get creative. They don't have to follow a recipe—they can play with the flavors to find the perfect balance that goes well with chicken or buffalo wings. Whether you like it hot, sweet, or tangy, house-made sauces have you covered! This personal touch can turn any meal into a memorable dining experience.

Variety is the spice of life, and it's also the spice of our sauce selection at Atomic Wings. Our chefs love to experiment, which means you get to try a range of flavors that you won't find elsewhere.  

3. Healthy and clear choices

Eating healthy is about knowing what's in your food. House-made sauces give you that transparency—no hidden additives or unpronounceable chemicals. Just honest-to-goodness real food! 

4. Local chefs, local love

Behind every house-made sauce is a local chef's dedication and passion. These chefs put their know-how and heart into creating something unique. 

These sauces are not just mixed but crafted, with each batch getting personal attention from the chef. Choosing house-made means you're tasting the best a chef has to offer, and that's something we find unique.

Experience Our House-Made Dipping Sauce!

At Atomic Wings, we know that a wing is only as good as the sauce it's dipped in. And that's why we offer our house-made Awesome Aioli, Bleu Cheese, and signature Ranch. These are made fresh every day and are the perfect companions to our chicken or buffalo wings. Order online or visit one of our locations to experience our wings and house-made sauces!