The History of Buffalo Chicken Wings

A plate of Buffalo Chicken Wings from Atomic Wings
September 7, 2023

Buffalo Chicken Wings: You know them, you love them, but where did they come from? This popular snack item can be found at almost every bar and grill in America, and they are often the food of choice for football fans, bar patrons, casual diners, and everyone in between. Thousands of restaurants around the world offer hot wings on their menus despite the recipe being fairly new compared to other American staple foods. But how did Buffalo Wings come to be? And what does a humble bar in upstate New York have to do with its creation? Let’s dive into the history of buffalo chicken wings and learn more about how this tasty creation got so popular!

Once Upon A Time in Buffalo, New York…

In 1964, the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York was faced with a problem. The family-owned and operated business had a surplus of chicken wings in their kitchen, and they weren’t quite sure what to do with them. Bar owner Teresa Bellissimo had an idea: What if she deep-fried the wings, covered them with hot sauce, and served them with blue cheese dressing? This impromptu recipe would form the foundation of buffalo wings as we know them today, and they quickly exploded in popularity after their inception. Bellissimo’s recipe would soon be called “Buffalo Chicken Wings” after the city from which they originated: Buffalo, New York.

How Buffalo Wings Spread Beyond Buffalo

For the next few years, buffalo wings would largely remain a regional dish that could only be found in the state of New York. After all, what better way to spend the cold winter months than by feasting on some hot and spicy wings? However, like many delicious food items, the recipe for buffalo wings was taken abroad, and restaurants all along the East Coast began serving their own hot wings. By the 1990s, wing restaurants could be found all over the country, and several new wing flavors were developed to accommodate the different tastes of each region. Sure, you could still get classic Buffalo wings, but new flavors such as BBQ, teriyaki, and garlic parmesan allowed customers to mix and match their favorites. 

Enter Atomic Wings and Our Wing Revolution!

A combo meal of fries, wings and sauces from Atomic Wings

Just 17 years after the Buffalo chicken wing recipe was invented, one man was reminiscing over the delicious hot wings he had while attending college in Buffalo, New York. With years of hard work and determination, he would perfect the wing recipe and open Atomic Wings for business in New York City to introduce the world to his incredible hot wings. Today, Atomic Wings continues to revolutionize the wing game with our diverse selection of sauces and halal chicken wings that not only taste good, but are good for you. We’ve been specializing in Buffalo wings for over 30 years, and we see more awesomeness to come in the years ahead. Order online and taste the difference for yourself today!