Spicy vs Mild: Finding Your Perfect Heat Level at Atomic Wings

spicy and mild buffalo wings
May 8, 2024

Here at Atomic Wings we know we’re known for our lit a$$ wings. But what if you’re a newbie to the world of spice or are in the mood for the flavor minus the inferno? Don’t trip, we got you! We have the perfect wings and sauces for every heat preference. Let us guide you through our spicy vs mild options, so you can find your ideal level of heat at Atomic Wings. 

The Atomic Heat Scale: From Mild to Wild

At Atomic Wings, it's no joke that we take spice seriously. That’s why we’ve developed a detailed heat scale to help you navigate our spicy offerings. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Mild Buffalo: Sweet and delicate, our signature mild sauce is perfect for beginners. Or for those who love the flavor of our sauces without the heat. 
  • Jerk BBQ: The first of our medium sauces, our island-inspired blend of herbs and spices will leave your mouth water and craving for more. The Jerk BBQ is still on the sweet side but with a lil kick. 
  • Medium Buffalo: Revving up the heat, take a step up from our mild sauce with our Medium Buffalo. We recommend this sauce if you're not new to the spice game and want a nice happy medium. 
  • Thai Chili: She’s a different kind of spice, it's not overpoweringly sweet but definitely holds some kick from the red chilis. 
  • Chipotle: We combined authentic spicy Mexican flavors with smoky BBQ yumminess to create this Tex-Mex masterpiece. Ideal for those who aren’t ready to leave behind the taste of BBQ. 
  • Hot Buffalo: This sauce is every hot wing lover's go-to. The perfect wingman for any style of wings. 
  • Mango Habanero: Imagine if sweet and heat made a baby, this is it. Indulge in the fruity flavor paired with an equally delicious fiery kick of habanero (definitely a step up from Thai Chili). 
  • Atomic: The IT girl in our eyes. For those ready for a wild ride of extreme heat and bold flavor—this is the one for you (Yes you may indeed break a sweat).
  • Nuclear: This bad boy will bring you one step closer to smoke-out-your-ears type heat. Do you think you can handle it? 

Finding Your Perfect Flavor Match

Here are some types to help you choose your ideal heat level at Atomic Wings:

  • Consider your spice tolerance: Be honest with yourself, don’t hurt yourself now. If you’re new to spice, take it easy with a mild or medium flavor. 
  • Think about flavor profile: Are you craving sweet, tangy, smoky, or something else entirely? We guarantee we have the perfect flavor profile for you!
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: Ask your server for recommendations or order your wings dry and sample an assortment of our fifteen sauces
  • Cooling agents = Pookie: If the heat gets to be too much we offer plenty of cooling dips to help you out. Our house made ranch or blue cheese is perfect to tame the heat. 

Atomic Wings Has Something For Everyone

Whether you’re a Spice Girl or Hot Dawg, Atomic Wings has the perfect wings for you. With our diverse heat scale and flavorful sauces, we offer an exciting and delicious dining experience for everyone. So come on down, bring the homies, and get your spice on!