Nuclear vs. Atomic – Why You Really Feel the Heat with Our Sauce.

Image of a floor print at an Atomic Wings location with the words "Hot Sauce Dripping"
January 11, 2024

Hey, wing lovers! Ready to turn up the heat? Let's explore the fiery world of our signature sauces: Nuclear and Atomic. You'll have to trust us on this; these are not your average wing sauces. Here's what sets them apart and why they're a must-try for anyone who loves a good kick with their buffalo wings.

The Scoville Scale: A Measure of Fiery Flavors

Scoville scale is the gold standard for measuring the spiciness or heat of chili peppers and spicy sauces. The Atomic Wing's Nuclear and Atomic sauces rank impressively on this scale, offering a heat level that's not average. Both our sauces are about the rich, complex flavors that come with high-quality spices.

Not Just Hot, Nuclear Sauce Is Explosive.

Our Nuclear sauce is the heavyweight champion of heat. It's like a flavor explosion in every bite you take. If you're daring enough to venture beyond the ordinary, our Nuclear sauce awaits. It's carefully crafted with a blend of spices, providing a depth of flavor that'll have you coming back for more, even as you're desperately reaching for a glass of water. It's a fiery yet tantalizing journey, giving you that smoke-out-of-your-ears heat experience – a true test of your spice tolerance.

The Atomic Sauce Scale

Next is our Atomic (or "insane") sauce. This one's a wild ride and not meant for the faint-hearted. It's bold, unforgettable, and exhilarating. The Atomic sauce is a harmonious blend of heat and flavor, making it a great choice for those who want to spice up their buffalo wings and venture into hotter territory.

Perfect for Every Wing Lover

Whether you prefer bone-in or boneless, are a spice veteran, or are just looking to up your game, our sauces are perfect for any style of chicken wings. They add an exciting twist to your favorite snack, making them the best wings for any occasion. These wing sauces are a challenge, a thrill, and an adventure for your taste buds. Every bite takes you on an unforgettable journey of heat and flavor.

Franchising Opportunities

Atomic Wings isn't just about its ultimate wings and sauces. We offer franchising opportunities for those looking to bring this unique experience to their community. It's a chance to be a part of a brand synonymous with the best wings in town. Imagine being the go-to spot for the ultimate wing experience – that could be you!

Why Choose Our Sauces?

So, why our Nuclear and Atomic sauces? Because we understand that true heat is about more than just Scoville units. It's about flavor, quality, and the overall experience in every single bite. It's about creating something people talk about, crave, and return for.

Give Our Sauces A Try!

If you love your wings with a side of thrill, our Nuclear and Atomic sauces are your ticket to flavor town. They're the perfect blend of heat and taste, transforming your wing game forever. So, wing lovers, brace yourselves, get saucy, and let's make every bite epic!