Halal Dining in NYC: Exploring Atomic Wings' Halal Menu Options

Best Halal chicken wings in New York City
May 22, 2024

Calling all New York City Halal foodies! Looking for some crispy, juicy wings paired with mouthwatering sauces? Atomic Wings is comin’ in HOT. We’re not just about serving wings; we’re also about offering delicious options for everyone—including those seeking Halal-certified meals. 

Halal that SLAPS 

We get it, fam. Finding legit Halal spots that don’t skimp on flavor can be a real struggle. That’s why here at Atomic Wings, the chicken we source respects and follows the Halal process. Not to mention, our chicken wings are made from cage-free birds that are not injected with hormones, ensuring they meet the Halal standards. We are LOUD and PROUD about our GMO-free, all-natural, and hormone-free chicken—making it one of the most nutritious and freshest meat in the market. This means you can enjoy our amazing wings guilt-free in flavortown. Peace of mind AND lit wings? That’s a win-win. 

Not Just Wings, Yall

We got your back with far more than just wings, fam. We’re talkin’ Halal tenders, sandwiches, and grilled wings for you healthy folks. Just like our fire wings all of these Halal options taste amazing in our house made dipping sauces and dry rubs. For the ultra foodie experience we recommend pairing our Halal wings with our fan favorite Thai Chili sauce! If you're not up for the spice, give our creamy and rich Garlic Parmesan sauce a taste. Don’t Forget to check out our sides. Whether you're craving fries, onion rings, mac & cheese, or sweet potato fries we have it all. Are you getting hungry yet? Set up tonight's dinner roster now!

Level Up Your Foodie Game

Whether you’re a wing fanatic or just trying to explore the Halal scene, Atomic Wings is your new go-to. Come check out why Atomic Wings is the king of Halal wings in NYC. We have the wings, the sauces, and the vibes—everything you need to complete your Halal feast. Find your nearest spot and get ready for a flavor experience that’s ATOMIC!