Flatbreads vs Pizza: Same Food, Different Name? Or Totally Unique?

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August 24, 2023

There’s no doubt that pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, but what makes it so popular? Pizza is one of the most versatile food items out there; it can be enjoyed as both a snack and an entree, and it’s easily shareable among large groups of people. However, in recent years, flatbreads have steadily gained popularity in restaurants and eateries all around the world thanks to its similarities to a traditional pizza. Flatbreads are often viewed as a more upscale take on pizza, and several recipes have elevated the flatbread even more with luxurious ingredients and bold sauces. But what exactly is a flatbread? And what makes it different from the pizza that we know and love? 

The Early History of Pizzas and Flatbreads

While it is common knowledge that a version of pizza originated in Italy several hundred years ago, the history of the flatbread goes a lot farther back. Flatbreads have been enjoyed by ancient cultures like the Greeks and Egyptians for centuries prior. The concept has remained largely the same since its inception; flatbread is toasted and topped with tomato sauce, cheese, meats, and vegetables. This concept would later be expanded upon in the Italian city of Naples, where leavening was added to the dough to make it rise. With this innovation, the pizza recipe we know and love was born.

How Pizza Got Popular

The recipe would continue to evolve for decades until Queen Margherita of Savoy visited Naples in 1889. It was here where she would taste pizza for the first time, and she immediately fell in love with the recipe. In fact, the queen loved the recipe so much that it was eventually named after her, and Margherita pizza is still being served by thousands of pizzerias around the world to this day. Pizza exploded in popularity afterwards, and it would finally reach American shores in the 1940s and continue to evolve to this day.

What’s the Difference Between Flatbread and Pizza?

Flatbreads from Atomic Wings

The Crust:

The biggest difference between a flatbread and a pizza is the dough that they are made from. In a classic pizza, yeast is added to the dough mixture, which allows it to rise and create a soft, airy texture as it bakes. On the other hand, flatbreads usually lack yeast or any kind of leavening agent, which creates its signature flat and crispy crust. This baking method makes flatbreads more similar to the earliest pizza recipes than modern pizza. 

The Shape:

Nowadays, pizzas can be made into all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the shape that most people are familiar with is a circular pizza with triangle-shaped slices. The shape of most flatbreads differ from that of a traditional pizza; flatbreads are often shaped like elongated ovals or rectangles and are usually left uncut. 

Are Flatbreads and Pizza the Same Food?

Flatbreads from Atomic Wings

While pizza and flatbreads are often interlinked, they stand apart from each other and uniquely different foods. Flatbreads feature a crispy dough that adds an amazing texture to every bite, and they can be customized with a variety of sauces and toppings to take the flavor to the next level. Ready to try a flatbread unlike any other? Atomic Wings’ new awesome lineup of flatbreads combines the crispy, crunchy texture of flatbreads with the spicy, flavor-filled wing sauces that you know and love. We’ve got 3 delicious new flavors for you to try; order yours online today!