Find Your Flavor: Exploring the Flavor Spectrum at Atomic Wings

Atomic Wings' sauce spectrum for chicken wings
April 23, 2024

Ah, the perfect wing sauce. For some it's love at first bite, for others they are still searching for their perfect match. Here at Atomic Wings, we understand the power of a good sauce. That is why we offer a flavor symphony of house-made sauces like no other. But with so many options, how do you—the wing connoisseur you are, find your perfect sauce soulmate? Don’t trip, we’re here to help you build your sauce roster and Find Your Flavor. 

Drop it like its Hot

Here at Atomic, we know a thing or two about Hot sauce. Let’s embrace the heat and take a deeper look at our options:

  • Atomic: The first of our “insane” sauces is NOT for the faint of heart. Buckle up for a wild ride of extreme heat and bold flavor. 
  • Hot Buffalo: Ready to feel the burn of the O.G. buffalo sauce? Our classic Hot Sauce is the perfect wingman for any style of wings. 
  • Nuclear: Our aptly-named sauce that brings you one step closer to smoke-out-your-ears heat. Can you handle this?
  • Mango Habanero: Sweet + heat = match made in wing heaven. Indulge in the fruity flavor paired with an equally delicious fiery kick of habanero. 

Mild but Wild 

Looking for something a bit more chill? Our mild sauces are perfect for those seeking a savory experience with a touch of heat. Let’s see our contenders:

  • Chipotle: Combining authentic, spicy Mexican flavors with smoky BBQ deliciousness, this earth Tex-Mex sauce is an ideal tastebud mate. 
  • Jerk BBQ: Our island-inspired blend of herbs and spices will leave your mouth watering and wanting more. 
  • Medium Buffalo: Rev up your tastebuds with our medium sauce. It's bursting with flavor, a splash of spice, and just the right amount of kick to let you feel some heat.
  • Mild Buffalo: For those that are considering a more sweet & delicate buffalo experience, our mild sauce is where it’s at. You’ll still get those buffalo flavors but with just a hint of heat. 
  • Thai Chili: Take your tastebuds for a flava adventure with our Thai Chili. It’s not overpoweringly sweet, allowing the chili heat to shine through.  

Never Sour, but Always Sweet

For those who like the sweet side, here are the sweetest of them all:

  • Honey Mustard: This feel-good favorite is the perfect blend of down-home southern flavor and just hits right. 
  • Honey BBQ: We took a classic and made it legendary. This tangy, sweet sauce with a hint of honey will have you buzzing for more. 
  • Sweet & Tangy: Taking the best of both worlds, this smooth, sweet sauce delivers a tangy finish with hints of Far East flavors. 
  • Teriyaki: A deliciously addictive blend of sweet and salty, you won’t be able to put this classic sauce down. 

Oo She Different

Of course here at Atomic we have more than just your typical wing sauces. We offer those niche sauces and dry rubs (DR) for those wing lovers that are just built different.  

  • Firecracker (DR): The perfect balance of spicy and savory, let's make those tastebuds sizzle with this dry rub. 
  • Garlic Parmesan: Iconic as ever, our Garlic Parm sauce is perfectly creamy and savory with a touch of Italian flair. 
  • Hot Lemon Pepper (DR): Citrus and heat collide with this special dry rub. She’s not just your average lemon pepper seasoning. 
  • Lemon Pepper: This sauce is a simple yet explosive mix of lemon zest and black pepper for a flavor that’s anything but basic. 
  • Mesquite BBQ (DR): If you're looking for a backyard barbecue dry rub this is your perfect match. Sweet, smoky, and tangy all in one. 
  • Nashville Hot (DR): Feel the heat with this dry rub. Made with a fiery blend of spices that’ll be having you wanna line dance. 
  • Old Bay Rub (DR): A blend of herbs and spices and a touch of sweet, this big and savory dry rub will leave you wanting more. 
  • Truffle Parm (DR): Rich and cheesy packed into one. This dry rub will be your go-to. 

The Art of the Drip: Pairing Perfection

Finding your flavor may be hard to navigate. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Know your heat tolerance: Start sweet or mild and work your way up the spice ladder. Not ready to fully commit yet? At Atomic, you can always get your wings undressed and try out a selection of sauces as the perfect dips. 
  • Mix and Match: Can’t pick just one sauce? Don’t be afraid to munch on your two-three favorite flavors. 

No matter which sauce is calling your name, we promise you will have an Atomic experience! Come out and Find Your Flavor today.