Dip It Real Good; Exploring Atomic Wings’ Housemade Dipping Sauces

March 6, 2024

At Atomic Wings, we don’t just serve wings, we serve experiences. And a crucial part of that experience is the perfect dipping sauces. We’re not talking about your average, store-bought options. We’re talking about freshly made, house-crafted sauces that elevate your wings to cluckin’ heights of flavor. Today we’re taking you on a deep dive into our three signature dipping sauces: Awesome Aioli, Blue Cheese, and Ranch. 

The Unexpected Hero: The Rise of Awesome Aioli

Don’t be fooled by the humble name, our made fresh daily Awesome Aioli dipping sauce is anything but ordinary. This garlicky masterpiece boasts a rich creamy texture balanced with a subtle kick from fresh garlic. It’s a versatile dipping option that complements the heat of spicy wings, such as our Hot or Atomic sauced wings. Or adds a flavorful layer to milder options, such as our wet Lemon Pepper (and our dry lemon pepper rub) boneless wings. Whether you choose to dip, spread, or smother your Atomic Wings in our Awesome Aioli dipping sauce you’ll have a cluckin’ good time. 

Stop Feelin’ Blue: Blue Cheese Dreams 

Our Blue Cheese dipping sauce isn’t for the faint of heart. This made fresh daily bold and tangy concoction features real, crumbled blue cheese, creating a distinct, sharp flavor profile that cuts through the richness of our wings. We suggest pairing this bold thang with any of our buffalo wings sauces, that includes our Mild, Medium, Hot, Atomic, and Nuclear sauces. If you are more of a dry rub type of wing-lova, try partnering our Nashville Hot wings with this bold dipping sauce for a mouthful of flavor. 

The All-Time Classic: a Dab of Ranch

Don’t settle for a basic bottled ranch! Our Ranch is a symphony of creamy buttermilk, tangy herbs, and a touch of garlic, all crafted together in a smooth addictive blend. Made fresh daily, our Ranch dipping sauce boasts a perfect balance of flavor, complementing any of our chicken wings without overpowering them. We suggest giving our Jerk BBQ boneless wings a dip in our kickin’ Ranch. And for those Ranch lovers, don’t be shy and give our Buffalo Chicken Flatbread an extra dip in that Ranch! Never leave your wings lonely, give our Ranch a plunge

Be an Atomic Wings Dip-lomat! 

What truly sets our dipping sauces apart is our dedication to fresh, high-quality ingredients. We believe that flavor starts with quality, and that is reflected in every single bite of Atomic Wings. Whether you’re a Ranch purist, a Blue Cheese aficionado, or an adventurous Aioli explorer, we have a dipping sauce that will tantalize your taste buds. Next time you visit Atomic Wings, don’t just order wings—order an experience. Explore our house made dipping sauces and discover a world of flavor that will leave you wanting more. We guarantee it will be atomic!