Are Boneless Wings Just Chicken Nuggets?

Boneless wings from Atomic Wings
September 21, 2023

No matter the occasion, boneless chicken wings are always a fan favorite. These little bites of magic are perfect for sharing with your friends and family, but it seems that nobody can agree on what they are! It’s time we answer the age-old question: Are boneless chicken wings the same as chicken nuggets? As bonafide wing experts, we can't disagree more, but if you’re not convinced, keep reading to learn about why we think boneless wings and chicken nuggets are totally different from each other. 

Boneless Wings Come From A Different Cut of Chicken

For starters, boneless chicken wings and chicken nuggets are made of different cuts of chicken. Despite being called “boneless wings,” they are made from tender, delicious chicken breast that has been cut into bite-sized pieces. Breast meat is commonly used for making boneless wings because it is one of the leanest and most tender parts of the chicken. On the other hand, chicken nuggets are made from various parts of the chicken, such as the skin and dark meat pieces. The hodgepodge of different chicken cutlets that nuggets are made from often results in an inconsistent flavor compared to fresh boneless wings.

How Boneless Wings Are Made Makes All The Difference

Another key difference between boneless wings and chicken nuggets is how they are prepared before cooking. Boneless wings are cut from chicken breast into small pieces, which are then coated in a batter mixture before being dunked in a deep fryer to give them their irresistibly crunchy exterior. Nuggets are often prepared in a less savory manner: mechanically-separated chicken is compacted into the shape of a nugget, battered, breaded, then fried. Because of this process, chicken nuggets can never be as fresh as boneless wings. 

Boneless Wings Pair Better With Wing Sauce

Despite both of these items being made from chicken, boneless wings and chicken nuggets taste totally different when paired with seasoning and wing sauces. Boneless wings are often smothered in wing sauce or dry rubs, then served with a dipping sauce that adds a whole new dimension of flavor to every bite. Dips such as blue cheese dressing and ranch dressing pair perfectly with the spicy, bold wing sauces that boneless wings are tossed in. Nuggets, however, are traditionally not tossed in any kind of sauce; they are often served dry with condiments on the side for dipping. From our experience, chicken nuggets just don’t stack up when compared to the kickin’ flavors of boneless wings. 

Atomic Wings Is Here to Satisfy Your Boneless Wing Cravings 

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