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"In 1989, young entrepreneur Adam Lippin had a craving for red-hot, scorching-piquant chicken wings, but couldn't find a decent sample south of Buffalo, N.Y. So he headed to the source to learn the intricate secret recipe at two Buffalo institutions, Duff's and the Anchor Bar. Upon his return, Lippin opened Atomic Wings, and its winning combination of sports, beer, and grub for hungry happy-hour patrons has become a fiery neighborhood favorite. Wings come in six degrees of spicy: If you're sane, get them mild, medium or hot; if you're adventurous or plain crazy, order the abusive, nuclear, or suicidal. As Lippin's wing-munching regulars become evermore moneyed, he dressed up the menu with a decent Caesar salad and fresh gazpacho, and opened a swanky Tribeca outpost in the spring of 2007, in a stylish Thad Hayes design. But don't let the sleek decor and fancy artisanal beers fool you. Atomic's greatest success lies in the foolproof wings and reliable service: Food arrives within 20 minutes of ordering-hot, spicy, and always messy."
- Jessica Romm

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Time Out New York: Lord of the Wings

"These fluorescent orange entries from New York's prolific wing joint come in six degrees of heat, from mild to suicidal. We give the team medium strength..."

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New York Magazine: The Top Five On Super Bowl Sunday

"The classic Buffalo version - crisp, tangy and greasy with a proper vinegary bite - comes in varying levels of heat. Order a bulk-rate 100-piece platter and put the savings toward a new pacemaker."

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Immaculate Infatuation: Gary Vaynerchuck's Friday Five

Buffalo Wing Fix

Atomic Wings (Multiple Locations) - "Only once a month my wife gets mad at me... when I order atomic wings and a root beer. Might not be the healthiest choice, but sitting there, eating these wings, and answering viewer's emails is as close as it gets to nirvana on a Wednesday at 11 pm."

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Buffalo Wing Fix

Atomic Wings (Multiple Locations) - "It's the staple of my bad girl diet."

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Restaurants: Atomic Wings

"We have every reason to believe that Buffalo natives will find these radiation-orange wings totally acceptable and fully satisfying. One, because a team of female football players tested a hell of a lot of NYC wings for us and said so. And two, because the ones here are a big, sloppy, wicked-hot, deep-fried mess, served at every level of intensity (mild to hot for the sane diner; abusive to suicidal for the less so). Of course, this is sit-on-your-ass food, so Atomic Wings gets extra points for having five convenient locations (with delivery)."

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LifeStyle Television: First Look New York


Singer-songwriter James Blunt reveals some of his favorite places in New York City.

Atomic Wings
528 9th Avenue / at 39th Street
Midtown West / 212.760.9090

Bowery Hotel
335 Bowery / at East 3rd Street
East Village / 212.505.9100

Doctors Without Borders
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eHow's "Best Chicken Wing Restaurants
in New York":

"Atomic Wings is a chain of restaurants exclusive to New York that specializes in the classic fried Buffalo variety of chicken wings. Although the chain is based in the city, the six locations found throughout the five boroughs get their wings from the Buffalo region in upstate New York and prepared in the same fashion that made the sauce and city famous. The Atomic Wings menu features simple American dishes with their famous wings in an array of heats and styles on offer."

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Guides by Bravo

Bravo TV says:

"Lowdown: Wings any way you like 'em. BBQ, honey mustard or buffalo calamari anymore? Chicken tenders, mac-n-cheese also available options"

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WABC's Secret Sales with Tory Johnson

Atomic Wings makes an appearance on Tory Johnson's Secret Sales on WABC!

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Fox News

Adam Lippin, the founder of Atomic Wings shows Fox News's Good Day Cafe how to make winning wings and chicken tenders.

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Atomic Wings Opens 'Roided-Up Park Slope Location

Atomic Wings has opened a Park Slope location, the first of the chain's forays outside of central Manhattan (locations are also coming to Harlem and Jersey City). This is a primo step up - check out the leather (and hopefully grease- and hot-sauce-resistant) club chair. Plus there are four large flat-screens fully loaded with Pay-Per-View's NFL Ticket package, and Internet stations so you can hit up some porn, dude!!!! catch up on your reading of the National Review.

Norwalk Patch

Atomic Wings take flight with Heights Pizza in Darien

"Connecticut fans of great pizza and chicken wings can rejoice. We can sample our favorite comfort foods in Darien, courtesy of Aldo Criscuolo, owner of Heights Pizza in Darien, and Adam Lippin, owner of the famous New York chicken wings franchise, Atomic Wings."

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Caldwell Patch

Atomic Wings Delivered to Your Doorstep

"Atomic Wings, New York's buffalo chicken wings franchise, has partnered with CAR's Delivery, the late-night sandwich restaurant at 150 Valley Road in Montclair, to create its first location outside of New York."

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Montclair Patch

Atomic Wings Invades Montclair Via CAR's

"Atomic Wings, New York’s buffalo chicken wings franchise, has partnered with CAR’s Delivery, the late-night sandwich restaurant at 150 Valley Road in Montclair, to create its first location outside of New York."

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Hot from the Kettle

Perfect Together: Atomic Wings and Cars Delivery in Montclair

"Atomic Wings, one of the most recognized buffalo-style chicken wings in our area, has partnered with Cars Delivery."

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Long Island Wine Press

New burger and hot wing eatery coming to Mattituck

"'It will be an eat-in, take-out restaurant with a 1950s theme,' Mr. Malamas said as he was cleaning out the space on Friday afternoon."

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Dan's Papers

Westhampton: Big City Burgers, Atomic Wings

"...We also found the hot wings to be the real deal."

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Brand New Hamptons Eats Without the $queeze

"One of the things we hate about the Hamptons is trying to find a decent burger for under 10 bucks. We believe our search has ended."

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Bite Into Big City Burgers

"Right off of Montauk Highway in Westhampton Beach, Big City Burgers has been drawing local residents who say they are thrilled to see something new and different in the area. As soon as you walk inside, there is an aroma of fresh, juicy burgers and sizzling wings wafting from the kitchen."

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Atomic Wings in Harlem turns a page... for the better

"..we can confirm, Atomic Wings, which reopened May 13, is not anything like it was before. We know. We use to go there. Atomic Wings in Harlem has started a new chapter and it is definitely for the better."

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Renovated, Re-energized 311 Broadway is Wowing Customers Again!

The food was deliciously tasty above my expectations and now i know the reason why there was so many people lined up there. I ordered one hot wings although i wanted to try nuclear but i kept it for next time so that i will have a reason which will force me to come back :)
- Sasha F

Their fries and wings are amazing, very clean and spacious place with free pool.
- Christina R.

These wings are big, meaty, crispy, and have great flavor, even when ordered mild. Nice place for small gathering.
- Rachel F.

The servers are friendly and fast. I love the way they come to greet at the door. The servers made me feel special.
- Samantha C.

The ambiance was amazing with an awesome staff and an atmosphere that was simply breath taking. As for the wings they are to die for.
- Dennis M.

The best wings I have ever eaten, their sauces are beyond expectations and service above all.
- Irene S.

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Harlem Condo Life

Atomic Wings Reopens On Harlem's Gold Coast

Atomic Wings previously covered in our various postings, on Harlem's Gold Coast, reopens on Friday the 13th, according to the new owners, who were handing out samples this (Thu.) evening.

The shrimp Caesar salad was A - MAZ - ING.

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The New York Times

Atomic Wings Delivery Man Spotted on The Job by the New York Times

"Bicyclists in boots and backpacks glided effortlessly on Tuesday along a milky green path of controversy, although few stopped to discuss it.

Next to Prospect Park, opposite elegant brownstones and brick apartments, young mothers pushed strollers on the sidewalk, and fathers carried infants dangling from Baby Bjorn carriers. Dog-walkers by the dozens streamed out of the park, and an occasional tights-clad cyclist exited after doing laps.

Three men got into a car in the newly fashioned parking island next to the bike lane and one shouted in off-color language that it was time to get rid of the lane. An Atomic Wings delivery man wearing a fluorescent orange vest zoomed alone up the lane on a mountain bike while two Time Warner Cable trucks double-parked, leaving only one lane of traffic flowing."

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Dine or Death

The Bar-Coastal wing [by Atomic Wings] is crispy, meaty, big and exploding with delicious flavor. Most wing places just use something like Frank's Red Hot with a couple of other drippings, which makes for a classic hot wing sauce. But that isn't how it's done here. These wing sauces are made practically from scratch right in their kitchen. The flavors dance around in your mouth like a drunken Leprechaun on vacation.

The crowd fave, again, were the Jerk BBQ, which had a smoked black pepper accent and a heat that lingered. They're amazing but, they don't count towards the Wing-Off competition. In this particular instance, that didn't matter because the Mediums and Hots were right on the money with temperature, flavor, taste, size and quality.

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Dine or Death

Pricing is decent here, especially for Manhattan. You can get 20 wings for $15.49 and as pictured above you can split it 10/10 so you and a partner can both get what you want in terms of bone or boneless and degree of spiciness. The wings are substantial, certainly not wimpy, and the sauce is a good consistency--not too thin nor too dry.

Waffle fries made a good couple with the wings and you get a generous portion with gravy or cheese dipping sauce for a minimal extra cost of $0.75. Atomic Wings serves alcohol too and has a decent happy hour. A good place to hang and eat food that is, for the most part, bad for you. The servers are very congenial as well, which is always a plus. I've never had to wait in line either, it seems like a very calm place--good for conversation.

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The New York Times

Quick Bites | Jersey City
"Some of the Buffalo wings at Atomic Wings in Jersey City are fiery hot, as you might expect, but others are sticky sweet. There's a wide spectrum of spice at this franchise of the New York City chain, which also serves chicken fingers, nachos, wraps and burgers, among other items."

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The Alternative Press

Atomic Wings and Frank's RedHot Crown the 'Wing King of New York' at the 1st Annual Wing Eating Contest in Coney Island

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CBS News

CBS News says:
"They're spicy but sweet, crispy yet luscious - tasty bits of poultry that no Super Bowl party should ever be without. But chicken wing lovers have a bone to pick, because the price of chicken wings is soaring."

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Generation Hip Hop

Generation Hip Hop on the Atomic Wings in Harlem "...the wings were bomb. They have a ton of sauce selection, which range from mild to suicidal.  ATF suggest that all you fab readers check out Atomic Wings in Harlem. It's really worth it!"

Menu Pages

A Little Taste of Home
I moved to the city almost a year ago and the one thing I miss about my hometown (Niagara Falls/Buffalo) are the wings! Atomic Wings is the only place in NYC that comes the closest to the wings in Buffalo. Highly recommended!!!
- Posted by GeeBee23 on 03/18/2007

Best in The City
Ever since the new ownership in July 2007 this place has really started to excel. They renovated the place and the wings are the best in NYC. Surprisinly enough the Burgers are pretty good as well especially with the BBQ or Jerk BBQ sauce.
- Posted by Kevin C on 02/20/2008

WOW - Exceeded Expectations
Atomic Wings is great. Truly a rare find. If you don't want typical fast food and you don't want to spend $15.00 for lunch - RUN to Atomic Wings for terrific burgers (I swear - best in city) amazing fries, homemade daily soups - my favorite is their "Crab Chowder" Friendly service - clean, spotless Restaurant - Only gets better and better
- Posted by Neil the Man on 03/17/2008

Good Day New York
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Making Wings with NY Giants' Tiki Barber
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Ordered a double order of wings and large wafer fries with cheese sauce and order arriver hot, crispy and perfect 10 minutes later. amazing...

posted by wing lover on 04/27/2007


To me, finding crispy wings are like trying to find a flattering article written about Britney Spears.  The two don't exist.  However - Atomic Wings has proven me wrong.  I always order wings with sauce on the side so I can control the hotness, and Atomic Wings takes crispiness one step further.  They deliver wings with tin foil lining the styrofoam container, so they have crackly skin and juicy meat every time.

Their wafer fries are not to be missed, with thick "this is going straight to my hips" cheese.

I'm a wimp with spice, so I have no clue just how hot their sauces are as I order mild each time.  Delivery is always quick but they're nice to give you a head's up if they're really busy.  Location at 60th and 2nd is great, too.

posted by Randi S. on 04/04/2007


Jessica Simpson, eat your heart out: This popular wings spot sports no buffalo meat -- just eight scrumptious varieties of Buffalo (as in the city upstate where they originated) chicken wings. Catering to the true connoisseur, these wings are prepared the same way as at the Anchor Bar, where they originated in 1964. If you believe yourself to be sane, stick with the mild, medium or hot varieties. For the true masochist, however, there are the "abusive," "nuclear," or "suicidal" versions. Or just eschew the hot spice altogether and get honey-mustard or barbecue wings. For lighter fare, the Chicken Littles are not fried and are jazzed up with everything from horseradish dip to sweet-and-sour sauce. Also on the menu are grilled-chicken-breast sandwiches and burgers (including veggie varieties). And unlike other Manhattan joints, wafer-style fries actually come with that burger.

review by Ashley Lederer


I was skeptical at first - but I was so happily suprised at how great the food is here. Really freshly made and well presented. Atomic Wings is that rare chain that makes you feel that you discovered this secret gem. I have eaten at the place many times and have gotten delivery a few times and I have never been disappointed. Service is always friendly, delivery is always quick and food is always hot and perfect.

posted by David on 07/18/2007


these guys have the best wings ever. went in for their 'suicidal' level of hotness, and even though i was returning to their water cooler every bite, i couldn't help but finish...

Pros: quick delivery, friendly servers

Cons: suicidal hotness is... well, suicidal

posted by redeemthewalrus on 12/06/2006


Ohhhhh boy! We can't express the excitement and craving that we now have knowing that finally Brooklyn has its very own Atomic Wings. We've envied Manhattanites for the longest time... hell, even Jersey City had one! But now, we can saunter down onto 9th St between 5th and 6th Avenues and get ourselves a bucket of Nuclear wings, lock ourselves away with a case of beer and just... ok, maybe just one order of wings to start. But now we can go Atomic and not even have to leave our beloved borough!